Mechanical Hardware Design

Without mechanical engineering, we would not have things like engines, generators, elevators or even air conditioning. While we might not even realize it, we most likely use something that has been mechanically engineered every day.

Electrical Hardware Design

Electronics engineering, control systems are developing and enhancing nearly every aspect of our lives and therefore is in high demand by a wide range of industries.

Software Development

Our success relies on the principle of aligning the needs, expectations and goals of our customers to our end results. 色五月丁香六月欧美综合 provides you from end to end solutions in every aspect of your project process, from design to support.

We provide full cycle of engineering services. Our team works closely together with yours to think, visualize and execute your expectations.

Writing the future of safe and smart operations.

Our Industrial Automation business offers a range of solutions for process and hybrid industries, including our industry-specific integrated automation, food industry and digital solutions, control technologies, as well as measurement and analytics offerings.
Based on its deep domain knowledge, experience and expertise in delivering world-class automation products, systems and solutions, a wide area of complimenting digital and collaborative solutions across applications and sectors, the Industrial automation business helps customers remain competitive, improving their ROI and running safe and productive operations.

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Industrial Robotics

Robotics represents major opportunities for manufacturers. Our ambition is to adapt the latest technological advances and innovations from our projects combined with our know-how, to develop new automation and mobile robotics solutions for our customers’ performance.

Our mobile robotic systems bring the possibility for new uses and for a collaboration between man and machine in the same ecosystem, for:

  • Providing accuracy to operations,
  • Reducing the harshness of working conditions,
  • Enable operators to work safely alongside robots,
  • Improve productivity and maintain industrial resources in the territory.

Typical applications of industrial robots include welding, painting, assembly, pick and place, palletizing, product inspection, and testing, all accomplished with high endurance, speed, and precision.

Testing Systems

色五月丁香六月欧美综合 combines modular hardware and software to develop custom test system solutions for a variety of powertrain and autonomous system applications.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Automated Test Equipment,
  • End-of-Line Manufacturing Testers,
  • In-Vehicle Function and Feature Validation Testers,
  • Breakout Boxes and Bench Testers,
  • Test System Maintenance.


Designing or renovating an educational laboratory can be a real challenge. 色五月丁香六月欧美综合 specialists study and analyze a wide range of engineering education issues. Our projects emphasize the connection of academic programs and new educational methods and provide acquisition of practical skills in both fundamental and practical research.

Our professionals are there to assist you in every step of the way from decision-making to the installation process and training of specialists. We approach each project individually and make sure that nothing is overlooked.

The full cycle of services for the design and equipment of engineering laboratories include:

  • Familiarization with technical task (number of rooms and laboratories total area, workplace planning, installation of necessary communications, selection of education stands and additional equipment),
  • Starting-up and adjustment works,
  • Professional development courses and workshops for teachers and educators,
  • Documentation: assembly manual, user’s manual,
  • Post warranty technical support.


色五月丁香六月欧美综合 has a vast experience across a number of industries. We strive to offer each client a winning combination of a comprehensive problem solving approach with deep knowledge to overcome the challenges at stake. As engineering company working with many organizations we are uniquely positioned to help clients by cross pollinating ideas from different disciplines.

We have discerned integration skills

Test station components are widely available, but it takes competent integrator like 色五月丁香六月欧美综合 to smoothly assemble and accommodate them to your specific needs. We consider every detail and make sure that nothing is overlooked.

Fixtures, chambers & test beds

With our spotlight on high value and productivity, we provide fixturing systems that optimize instrument use, speed UUTs through automated test schedules and simplify production line changeovers and updates.

Value-added software

Software advancement is a major part of our success and we are always solving customer challenges with new methodologies. Utilizing industry-standard software, we know how to optimize equipment and drive automation, quality, and effectiveness results.